J2ME & Gaming by Jason Lam

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This book is about programming with J2ME on wireless devices with focus on developing games. It is assumed you have some knowledge and programming experience with J2ME and J2SE. The book does not go into detail on topics like how to make high level GUI menu but does demonstrate what a game menu might look like. Nor will it explain in detail how to use the Record Management System (RMS), but will go over topics that use RMS such as high score and game settings. As well a knowledge and experience with threading will be an asset before proceeding with game development. The book will go over in detail the new game classes that are now included in the MIDP 2.0.

The book also serves as quick reference for Java programmers who are interested in mobile game development. As well, to provide good introduction for experience game developers who developed games in other languages/platforms and are now interested in using J2ME to develop games.

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  • Sample Code by Jason Lam
  • Book Written by Jason Lam
  • Graphics Created by Leeman Cheng and Carlo Casimiro


For those of you who are inquiring the book will not be completed, the chapters on the game tutorial itself are still relevant in terms of a beginners guide to game development and becoming familiar with the game APIs. The initial chapters are mostly out of date considering the mobile advancements and industry changes from 2003 to 2012.