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Part 2: Introduction to Bluetooth and J2ME
Part 1: Introduction to Bluetooth and J2ME WirelessProNews
Web Services using kSOAP
J2ME PDA Optional Packages File Connection
Introduction to the J2ME Cousin iAppli Java
Developing Applications for Palm Devices Using WebSphere Micro Environment
Kick Start J2ME Development with BlackBerry
J2ME and Unicode
PHP Interacting with J2ME
J2ME - Using Ant with J2ME JavaProNews
J2ME - Considerations for Mobile Game Development WirelessProNews
Title Published At
Step by Step Install of Apache PHP SSL and more
Step by Step Install of mySQL
Title Published At
PHP Interacting with J2ME
Introduction to Design Patterns Using PHP
More PHP, XML and XSL for Wireless Content
Basic and Not so Basic "Function" Features
PHP CLI and Cron

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