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PocketPC Mobile 5 Stand-Alone Emulator and Network Connectivity
by Jason Lam

Warning - For those who have Visual Studio 2005 installed you may NOT want to install the Stand-Alone emulator because once its installed the VS Emulator is no longer active. Visual Studio emulator now points to the Stand-Alone; currently there is no way to reverse the install of the stand-alone.

If you just need need a Pocket PC Emulator running MS Mobile 5 OS without Visual Studio 2005 you can download the following 2 programs:

First program is the emulator itself and the second is what allows you to create localized network connectivity between the emulator and your PC. What does simply does give the Emulator network connectivity as if it had its own connection to the internet.

After you install and run the start the Emulator (after testing this myself and trolling some forums it seems that this Emulator is somewhat slow to boot, so be patient, its not broken)

First "Settings" then "Connections"

Then select "Advanced", then "Selected Networks" then in the first drop down select "My Work Network"

You should now be able to use the browser, as well any application you coded that is network aware should be able connect.


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