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HTTP Connections with Blackberry
by Jason Lam

Making HTTP Connections is the same as any other J2ME application/game except you need to add the wap parameters specific to the operator/carrier the application is running on if you so decide not run the Blackberry application/game in a Blackberry Enterprise Environment. In short BES is excatly the same as a "normal" HTTP Connection call. If you do not use a BES/MDS following parameters you need to add are:

  • WapGatewayIP
  • WapGatewayAPN
  • WapGatewayPort

This information can be be usually obtain from the operators/carrier developer portal.

An example of what an actually call would look like:

url = ";WapGatewayIP=;WapGatewayPort=9301
conn = (HttpConnection);

Yes you can still use GET parameters, you just need to tag the WAP info at the end.

Note both Nextel and Telus Mobility (MIKE not there 1X service) use the iDEN network. Instead of passing in WAP info you need to set the parameter deviceside=true. For example:

url = ";deviceside=true";


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