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Create Pocket PC 2003 Short-Cut Link
by Jason Lam

When deploying J2ME games/applications to Pocket PC 2003 to make things easier for the user it is probably best to provide a shortcut link. In this example, it is assumed the user is using the IBM J9 VM, if you don't know already you can purchase the end user runtime from, enter into the search box 'J9'.

You can modify the file to use whatever VM or any program for that matter. Sticking to the familiar HelloWorld this is what the file HelloWorld.lnk would look like.

118#"\Program Files\J9\PPRO10\bin\j9w.exe" -jcl:ppro10 -cp "\Program Files\J9\PPRO10\examples\HelloWorld.jar" HelloWorld

The above line entry fits on one entire line. You would bundle the HelloWorld.lnk file with the HelloWorld.jar and HelloWorld.jad files.

What does this line mean? 118 is the number of characters after the # sign, the information afterwards is just the program to be invoked and its parameters. Its pretty self explantory. But if you need a more clear and concise definition visit the MSDN Microsoft site.

A real simple tip but believe me it is a real headache saver for Window users who are use to the whole point, click and the program works!


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