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Blackberry Short Cut Keys
by Jason Lam

Here are some useful short cut keys for the 7xxx BlackBerry series. Yes there are dozens and dozens of short cuts keys the ones listed here are geared towards developers.

Device Short Cuts

  Key Combination Description / What it Does
  Alt-Cap-Del ReBoots Device
  Alt-lglg Log Dump
  Alt-nnml Changes Signal bar indicator to actual values, press the same combination to change it back
  Alt-Cap-U Dump key strokes

Emulator Short Cuts

  Key Combination Description / What it Does
  Ctrl-lglg Log Dump
  Ctrl 0 H Engineering Screen Contents


** Alt Key is the key on the left hand side that that has symbol on it that sorta looks like a half moon **

** Note some of these key combinations may not work on your device, they seem to vary from model to model and carrier to carrier **


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