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Blackberry Remove Orphan file from real device
by Jason Lam

There are times you will find the Blackberry Desktop Manager is unable to remove an installed application this usually occurs when the application contains a dependant COD file along with several various methods of installation. What does it mean by various methods of installation. If the application is install via USB using .alx XML file then updated via OTA (without removing the original install first using the Desktop Manager not the removal option in the device) then the BlackBerry Desktop Manager may not be able to remove the application complete even if the exact same version is install via both methods. As well using the "delete" module option int the handset fails to remove the module as well. The solution is to manually use the JavaLoader.exe you will find this under the [instalation directory]\bin. So for example your application is made up of 2 COD files one name d HelloWorld.jar and the other named HelloWorldLib.jar and the HelloWorldLib.jar cannot uninstall. You simply type the following at command line:

JavaLoader -usb -erase HelloWorldLib.jar

Make sure you nothing else is communicating to the handset, ie: close down the Blackberry Desktop Manager


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